DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm

DBSCAN is an example of clustering algorithm. Clustering is the process of organizing a collection of concrete or abstract things into classes of related objects. A cluster is a group of data objects that are distinct from the objects in other clusters yet comparable to one another within the same cluster. There are various example […]

Vector Space Model in NLP

Lets begin with fundamentals for vector space model. All NLP applications require a basic understanding of how word vectors are represented in natural language processing. Because the first step in creating any NLP model is to express the word as some kind of number or coding. For instance, a word can be represented as a […]

Basics of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Pipeline

Images in this NLP blog are borrowed from lecture note of Prof. Bal Krishna Bal. The end-to-end structure that orchestrates the flow of data into and output from a NLP model is known as a natural language processing pipeline (or set of multiple models). It covers the input of the raw data, the features, the […]

Approaches for Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Several widely used NLP algorithms Images in this blog are borrowed from lecture note of Prof. Bal Krishna Bal. Not only are there many algorithms for machine learning tasks, but also for natural language processing job. The choice of which algorithm is best for a given problem cannot be made with absolute certainty. After determining […]

Multilayer Perceptron: Solving XOR Problem

Multilayer Perceptron: Solving XOR Problem from Scratch in Python In this blog we are going to explore how non-linear problem like XOR can be solved using multi layer perceptron. We have already tried how to apply multi layer perceptron on majority function please have a look here. We all are familiar with single layer perceptron […]

Multilayer Perceptron Using Majority Function From Scratch

Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) We all know that single layer perceptron are commonly used to classify problems that are linearly separable. If we choose a single layer perceptron for a non-linearly separable problem, the results may not be successful. As a result, we must look for an alternative solution to a non-linear problem, and one such […]

Single Layer Perceptron From Scratch

This blog contains the introduction to perceptron using Python. Artificial Neuron Network The term "neural network" refers to an artificial neural network (ANN) (NN). It is a computational paradigm that is inspired by the way the human brain or nervous system performs computation. Perception, pattern recognition, motor control, and other computations are all performed by […]

Nepali News Classification Using Naive Bayes and Decision Tress

Naive Bayes for Nepali News Classification Hello everyone, welcome back to our blog about news classification and in this blog, we are going to explore Naive Bayes for news in our native language Nepali. I started this project nearly a year ago but I never finished it because I did not know anything about it […]

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