News Classification with Simple Neural Network

News Classification with Simple Neural Network is one of the application of Deep Learning. And here in this part of the blog, I am going to perform a Nepali News Classification. Before jumping into the main part, I would love to share some of my previous contents based upon which this blog has been written. […]

Manipulation of Word Vectors

To manipulating vectors means to perform some arithmetics operation on these vectors. By performing some arithmetics on vectors resulting vectors or any value can represent very interesting fact or inside. This is very interesting inside that we perform some operation on the given data and result represent more interesting fact about the data. This blog […]

Approaches for Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Several widely used NLP algorithms Images in this blog are borrowed from lecture note of Prof. Bal Krishna Bal. Not only are there many algorithms for machine learning tasks, but also for natural language processing job. The choice of which algorithm is best for a given problem cannot be made with absolute certainty. After determining […]

Nepali News Classification Using Naive Bayes and Decision Tress

Naive Bayes for Nepali News Classification Hello everyone, welcome back to our blog about news classification and in this blog, we are going to explore Naive Bayes for news in our native language Nepali. I started this project nearly a year ago but I never finished it because I did not know anything about it […]

Nepali News Classification Using Logistic Regression

Logistic Regression for Nepali News Classification Hello everyone, and welcome back to my news categorization blog. In this blog, I’ll be looking into Logistic Regression for news in Nepali, which is our native language. I started this project almost a year ago but never finished it because I had no idea what I was doing […]

EDA on Nepali News Data

EDA on News Data Hello everyone, in this blog, we are going to perform EDA on Nepali News data that I scraped back in 2021. EDA is the basic step done in any Data Science project and here, we are going to perform simple analysis like counts of title, words and news in category. Import […]

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