A General Way to Perform an EDA

EDA: Introduction Hello everyone, welcome back to another new blog where we will explore different ideas and concept one could perform while performing an EDA. In simple words, this blog is a simple walk-through of an average EDA process which might include (in top down order): Data Loading: From various sources (remote, local) and various […]

Different Hypothesis Testing Using R

What is Hypothesis Testing It is a type of inferential statistics that involves extrapolating results from a sample (random) to the entire population. It is used to make decisions based on statistical tests and models that use the p-value, also known as the Type I error or alpha error. Type I Error : When we […]

Polynomial Regression Model in R

Polynomial Regression Curve fitting or curve-linear regression are additional words for the same thing. It is used when a scatterplot shows a non-linear relationship. It’s most typically employed with time series data, but it can be applied to a variety of other situations. Let’s use the Nepal Covid data and fit a polynomial models on […]

Nepali News Classification Using Naive Bayes and Decision Tress

Naive Bayes for Nepali News Classification Hello everyone, welcome back to our blog about news classification and in this blog, we are going to explore Naive Bayes for news in our native language Nepali. I started this project nearly a year ago but I never finished it because I did not know anything about it […]

Python Asyncio: Concurrent Programming

Introduction to Asyncio Async IO means Asynchronous I/O and it has been there since the Python 3.4. The main purpose of asyncio is to achieve Concurrency and Multiprocessing. In Python, we can achive async via module asyncio additionally, we can use keywords like async and await to specify async functions and wait for its execution. […]

Nepali News Classification Using Logistic Regression

Logistic Regression for Nepali News Classification Hello everyone, and welcome back to my news categorization blog. In this blog, I’ll be looking into Logistic Regression for news in Nepali, which is our native language. I started this project almost a year ago but never finished it because I had no idea what I was doing […]

Python for Stock Market Analysis: Alpaca API

Introduction Alpaca Trading API is an API using which we can retrieve stock data in realtime. It provides various APIs and even streaming services. Please read about it in their docs. What is most exciting about this API and the librariy is that it returns the data as a Pandas Dataframe or even simple Dict […]

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