A General Way to Perform an EDA

EDA: Introduction Hello everyone, welcome back to another new blog where we will explore different ideas and concept one could perform while performing an EDA. In simple words, this blog is a simple walk-through of an average EDA process which might include (in top down order): Data Loading: From various sources (remote, local) and various […]

Central Tendency vs Dispersion

Hello everyone, welcome back! In this blog we will again focus into the some of widely used central tendency techniques and then measure of spread in the Statistical Analysis of the EDA part. If you are looking for a brief walk-through of a Statistical Data Analysis in Data Science please refer to this blog of […]

Python for Stock Market Analysis: Working with Moving Averages

Introduction This blog is a part of our series Python for Stock Market Analysis. Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purpose only and we do not recommend taking the knowledge gained from this blog to implement in real financial exercises. This blog tries to implement preliminary metrics that are used in the stock market analysis. […]

Plotting Interactive plots with Plotly and Cufflinks

Plotting High Quality Plots in Python with Plotly and Clufflinks Interactive Plot This blog contains static images and is not rendering interactive plots thus we request you to visit this interactive blog. Introduction Hello everyone, in this blog we are going to explore some of most used and simplest plots in the data analysis. If […]

Data Analysis and Importance of Groupby in Pandas but not Just pd.groupby

Data Analysis and Importance of Groupby in Pandas but not Just pd.groupby This blog will be continously updated as I find new ways, tricks to make things work faster and easier. Updates January 5 2022 Started blog and written up to Rate of Views Change Per Month According to Category. What would you like to […]

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