Running Airflow In WSL and Getting Started With It

Airflow in WSL: Getting Started With I might stop to write new blogs in this site so please visit for more cool stuffs. Blog Versions This blog will be updated frequently. 2021-12-01 Written blog. 2021-12-05 Updated contents upto TaskFlowAPI. 2021-12-07 Updated contents upto SubDAGs. 2021-12-13 Updated contents upto TaskGroup. 2022-01-09 Started dynamic tasks in […]

Advent of Code 2021: Python Solution

Advent of Code 2021: Python Solutions I am not good at solving problems fast but I try to do them with best I could. And here in this blog post, I try to show my solutions of all days in one post. For the Jupyter Notebook, please refer to this repository. The code will be […]

T-Test for Statistics and Brief Introduction in R

t- test History About Student t- Distribution t-static: t-static was first discovered by Englishman W.S Gosset with his nick name student who published it in 1908 in his research paper entitled " The probable error of the sample mean". Therefore, this t-statistic is called student’s t-statics. Later on Prof. R.A Fisher developed and defined the […]

Text Mining and its Importance in NLP, ML and AI

Text Mining and its Importance in NLP, ML and AI Introduction to Text Data According to IBM Article, Text mining, also known as text data mining, is the process of transforming unstructured text into a structured format to identify meaningful patterns and new insights. Text is a common type of data floating around our world […]

Getting Started with R Programming Language

Getting Started With R . Introduction R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R foundation. R is not like a general-purpose programming language like Java, C, because it was created by statisticians as an active environment. Interactivity is the critical characteristic that allows R to explore […]

Gesture Based Calculator

Gesture Based Calculator Hello and welcome everyone to our last project on the #7DaysOfComputerVisionProjects series where we did some cool computer vision projects using image processing and opensource tools. Here in this project, we will build a calculator and we will control it by moving our fingers in front of the camera. We will make […]

Computer Vision Game: Kill a Fly

Kill The Fly Hello surfer, if you were following our series [#7DaysOfComputerVisionProjects]() then this is the 6th project and this is going to be different and fun than the previous because in this project, we are going to kill the fly. Don’t get confused, we will not kill the real fly. This blog is the […]

Gesture Based Visually Writing System

Gesture Based Writing Method This blog is the part of the series #7DaysOfComputerVisionProjects. Links to the blogs and videos of each projects are: Real-time Background Changing: Video | Blog Air Mouse: Control Mouse with Gestures Video | Blog Play Trex Game With Gesture Video | Blog Auto Dino: Play Trex Game Automatically Video | Blog […]

Auto Trex: Playing Chrome Trex Game with Image Processing

Playing Trex Game With Image Processing Hello everyone, in the last part, we used gestures to perform jump and duck but in this part, we will not use gestures. We will use only some image processing techniques and then let the code play it. But our code will not be any kind of Machine Learning […]

Playing Chrome Trex Game with Gestures

Play Trex Game on Chrome By Gesture Using OpenCV and Mediapipe Hello there surfer! Since few days, I am thinking about some cool projects that can be done within some hours using Mediapipe and OpenCV in Python. In this blog, I am writing about how can we play the popular trex game by only moving […]

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