Branching Tasks in Airflow For Dynamic Flow of DAGs

Branching Task in Airflow When do we need to make a branch like flow of a task? A simple example could be, lets assume that we are in a Media Company and our task is to provide personalized content experience. Lets assume that we will have 3 different sets of rules for 3 different types […]

Running Airflow In WSL and Getting Started With It

Airflow in WSL: Getting Started With I might stop to write new blogs in this site so please visit for more cool stuffs. Blog Versions This blog will be updated frequently. 2021-12-01 Written blog. 2021-12-05 Updated contents upto TaskFlowAPI. 2021-12-07 Updated contents upto SubDAGs. 2021-12-13 Updated contents upto TaskGroup. 2022-01-09 Started dynamic tasks in […]

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