Manipulation of Word Vectors

To manipulating vectors means to perform some arithmetics operation on these vectors. By performing some arithmetics on vectors resulting vectors or any value can represent very interesting fact or inside. This is very interesting inside that we perform some operation on the given data and result represent more interesting fact about the data. This blog […]

Linear Regression Using Different Gradient Descent

Gradient Descent Gradient Descent is the most popular optimizer to update parameters and it uses the gradient of the error with respect to the parameter. But the parameter update rule is different and thus there are different variants of Gradient Descent. Mini- Batch Gradient Decent It is the simplest algorithm, where we update parameters in […]

Installing Julia in Windows and Running in Jupyter Notebook

Installation of Julia First download the installer from official site then run the installer. Set the environvent path variable. Test it by opening the Julia Command Line or REPL (Read Eval Print Loop). println("hello world") Adding Julia into Jupyter First add package IJulia by typing use Pkg and then enter. Then Pkg.add("IJulia"). Wait for the […]

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