Intro to OpenCV for Image Processing with Python

OpenCV is a multi-platform Image Processing tool which provides lots of algorithms and processes. This notebook was written in 2019 by me when I was just learning, and I missed to add the author of images used from the internet. All images are taken from the internet and credit goes to original authors. Contains Introduction […]

Image Compression In Python: Huffman Encoding

Huffman Coding This blog will be completed soon please keep in touch in the meantime. Huffman coding is a popular lossless Variable Length Coding (VLC), based on the following principles: Shorter code words are assigned to more probable symbols and longer code words are assigned to less probable symbols. No code word of a symbol […]

Image Compression: Run Length Encoding in Python

Run Length Encoding is one of the image compression algorithms that is lossless. So let’s get started with simple intro of Run Length Encoding and getting hands dirty. This blog is cross-posted from (Teaser Image taken from here.) If you are interested to learn about Huffman encoding of lossless image compression then please visit […]

Writing a Image Processing Codes from Scratch on Python

Writing a Image Processing Codes from Scratch on Python What will you do when you suddenly think about Convolutional Neural Networks from Scratch while serving cows? For me, I wrote some codes for image processing before thinking about those codes. Once again I am not going to write another OpenCV here. What am I using? […]

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