NEPSE (Nepal Stock Exchange) Data Visualizing and Deploy it on Heroku

Introduction Visualize Nepal Stock Exchange Data and Deploy it On Heroku Using Streamlit and Plotly. If you are from Nepal then you already know what Nepal Stock Exchange means. Honestly I don’t know how to describe stock market but after watching movie Pi, I wanted to take a look at NEPSE data by myself. I […]

Deploying Face Mask Classifier on Heroku: Deploy on Heroku

Deploying Face Mask Classifer: Using Streamlit and Heroku This is a part 2 of a blogging series. Part 1: Deploying Face Mask Classifier on Heroku: Building a Classifier Part 2: Deploying Face Mask Classifier on Heroku: Deploy It This is hard times for everyone due to COVID-19. And even while dialing someone, now our Telicom […]

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