Vector Space Model in NLP

Lets begin with fundamentals for vector space model. All NLP applications require a basic understanding of how word vectors are represented in natural language processing. Because the first step in creating any NLP model is to express the word as some kind of number or coding. For instance, a word can be represented as a […]

Making People Search Tool in 2022 Using BeautifulSoup

Hello and welcome back everyone, in this part of the blog I am going to share how can we create our own people search tool using BeautifulSoup and Python. We will leverage the Google search engine to search for the profiles of people based on keyword and we will use GitHub’s search to do people […]

Basics of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Pipeline

Images in this NLP blog are borrowed from lecture note of Prof. Bal Krishna Bal. The end-to-end structure that orchestrates the flow of data into and output from a NLP model is known as a natural language processing pipeline (or set of multiple models). It covers the input of the raw data, the features, the […]

Deploying Streamlit App with Custom Domain and Apache2

Streamlit and Apache2 are two different things in the world of WWW and here in this blog, I am trying to combine them to host a streamlit app with Apache2. Hello and welcome back everyone in this new blog of ours where I will be sharing how one could host a streamlit app in own […]

Approaches for Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Several widely used NLP algorithms Images in this blog are borrowed from lecture note of Prof. Bal Krishna Bal. Not only are there many algorithms for machine learning tasks, but also for natural language processing job. The choice of which algorithm is best for a given problem cannot be made with absolute certainty. After determining […]

Basic of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Basic Introduction of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Images in this blog are borrowed from lecture note of Prof. Bal Krishna Bal. NLP is a Short form of natural language processing. It is sub-field of artificial intelligence.The study of how to program computers to comprehend and use natural language led to the development of the area. […]

Kruskal Wallis H Test in News Data

Kruskal Wallis H Test What is Kruskal Wallis H Test Kruskal Wallis H test is a kind of non parametric test which means that there is no presence of parameter and parent population from which sample has been taken is not normally distributed. Kruskal Wallis H test is also known as non parametric version of […]

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