Finding Remote Jobs but How and Where?

Remote jobs hunting might be troublesome work these days with too many jobs in the market but not finding the right one for your profile is. Here in this blog, I will write about the top places where remote jobs can be found easily.

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Why remote jobs?

After COVID-19, many companies started working from home and it aided the remote jobs culture. But there are some of the best perks to workers while working remotely.

  • Commute time has been reduced. No more extra time to get ready, prepare breakfast, wait in traffic jams, and get to the office just to fix yesterday’s bug. But with remote jobs, our time is saved.
  • Work as you like. I could work from in my bed, work while in a kitchen, work from the rooftop, work from a garden, and at any place where I will have less distraction. No more dress to succeed.
  • Flexibility to work hours can be found in most jobs and I am a great follower of it because if we are passionate about our work, we could work it anytime.

What before remote jobs?

Having a good portfolio and profile to showcase is key to a remote job. You might need to read more about how to start making money with programming to know more about it.

Where to remote jobs?

Please note that the following list contains the platforms based on my personal experiences only and it definitely will change for others.


I started using Upwork in 2021 but I did not find any jobs even after applying for more than 20 jobs. I was just casually trying to make some extra bucks but later I realized that my profile and cover letter were not compelling so I updated it and applied. I got some jobs there. I even worked as a freelancer for 1 month and made nearly 2000$. It was huge for me compared to my full-time job. What I like most about Upwork is the options to get paid as there are multiple and the fees are very low.

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Tips to win in Upwork

  • Have a good profile with a professional-looking photo, experiences, projects, and introduction.
  • Start with less. As a beginner, we need a good profile and experience, and it's okay to start with little hourly rate and small jobs or apply for jobs by lowering the rate.
  • Ask for testimonials from others. It will make the profile even stronger.
  • Maintaining a rank and success score. Upwork has a good way of ranking freelancers and they give badges to the profile. I was Top Rated within a few months. Job success score is determined by open jobs and the jobs completed on time so it is important to not miss many deadlines.
  • Finding a client is easier if you have a strong skill set and a cover letter. If you can not find any jobs even after applying for more than 20 jobs, something is wrong with your profile and cover letter.
  • I found the subreddit r/upwork to be the best place to know about what other fellow freelancers are experiencing.

2. Fiverr

Do you have a gig to sell? Do you have a compelling project that you need to sell? Then there is no better place than Fiverr. Fiverr is like building what you want and selling it to those who like it. It simply is build once and sell numerous. Fiverr is mostly used by designers, animators, video editors, and writers because it has a great feature to showcase our profile and I love this about Fiverr.

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Tips to win in Fiverr

  • Just like in Upwork, profile matters in Fiverr. What do you have that someone should spend their money on?
  • Having a niche is a must. People often call it a gig. And making a gig with the right keywords and a good intro section will make a win.


I do not like freelancers because there are too many scams going on and it is kind of an overwhelming process to get starting jobs. But once a few jobs are done, it is a great place to earn even as a full-time freelancer.

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Tips to win in Freelancer

  • Be skeptical about doing a job because everyone likes to get their job done with little money and beware of scammers.
  • Having a good portfolio as well as certifications and training skillsets.
  • And always keep an active profile.


Toptal is a platform where clients search for talents and here total acts as a middleman or service provider to them. Toptal is not like Upwork because, in Toptal, clients search mostly for full-time workers.

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Image from on The Complete Guide to Toptal Screening Interview

Tips to win in Toptal

  • There are a few tests before getting a profile to be viewed by clients. And the tests are quite hard so it is a great idea to brush up on DSA and tech skills. Platforms like leetcode come in handy here.
  • Toptal expects applicants to have at least 2 years of industry experience and thus it is not worthwhile to try before having one. I do not like Toptal for this reason but what could I do? It is a great platform once getting verified.


Turing is another great platform where finding a remote job is easier once the profile gets selected. Similar to Toptal, passing a test in Turing requires lots of DSA and tech stack brush up so it is also a platform for the experienced one. Turing posts lots of jobs on LinkedIn too which eventually leads to their tests later on.

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Tips for is similar to Toptal and patience is the key!

6. Wellfound (formerly AngelList)

I recently found out about this platform while searching for startups that are trying to hire developers. And I am in love with this platform. And this platform contains jobs from startups and it has quite a nice search and filter too. Having a completed profile is important before applying to any job.

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Tips to win in

  • A complete profile is key.
  • Applying a clear cover letter explaining goals, achievements, and experience is the best idea.


Remotive is another great platform where we can find remote jobs easily and the search and filters are quite awesome as it is based on location, and salary too.

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Tips to win in Remotive

  • Just like Wellfound, a good cover letter, and CV is the key.

8. Working Nomads

Who does not like to be a digital nomad? Well in some sense remote jobs allow us to work as digital nomads and I always dreamed of becoming one. Working nomads is just like where jobs can be found and can be applied. It's like a job search engine for remote offers.

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9. We Work Remotely

While talking about remote jobs, We Work Remotely comes into the 10 top list because of its simple way of categorizing jobs. There are sections of jobs based on tech stacks and types of developer jobs like the front end and back end. Jobs like content writing are also popular here.

Tips to win in this remote job platform are the same as previous ones and there is no easy way either.

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10. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is one of the platforms to find remote jobs and it has good features that are worth using.

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12. Honorable Mentions

  • Himalayas: It is also a good platform to search for remote jobs. I liked its way to show jobs based on companies.
  • Outsourcely: Do you need jobs for web development, copywriting, technical writing, support, UI/UX? Whatever you need, you can search here. Lots of jobs are there either part/full time or contract based.
  • Remote Ok: You need a remote job? Okay!
  • Remote Co: Another platform to find a remote job.


Were you satisfied with our list? Maybe you have some of your lists why not share them with us? Or did you find some jobs from our list as well? Awesome! Happy job hunting 🙂

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